About Us

Founded in 2003, our company is proud to be a company that has been constantly growing and expanding its product range since the day it was founded, and bringing firsts in the metal surface treatment industry. We are one of the first companies to outsource the Electropolishing process, which increases the corrosion resistance of all stainless series stainless steels, gives them anti-bacterial and hygienic properties, removes burrs, removes the bad appearance on the surface after casting, and provides a bright appearance for a long time. In this context, 420 – 430 stainless series products and large size stainless parts used in ship and yacht frames, both casting and normal manufacturing, all kinds of stainless series products used in all kinds of machinery, automotive, white goods, construction, medical instruments and food industry. We carry out electropolishing surface treatment of park and garden furniture. By electropolishing the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's Bus and Metrobus stops, which are made of Cr-Ni stainless material, we ensure that they do not rust, darken and maintain their vibrant metal appearance for many years.

In order to better meet the demands of our developing industry and customers and to ensure their satisfaction, our company also applies Copper - Nickel - Chromium - Zinc and thick Nickel Plating Processes for industrial purposes.

In addition to serving as a subcontractor, our company provides technical services by establishing Electropolishing and Metal Surface treatment systems and supplying the chemicals used in these systems.